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A Unique set of Features and Functionality to ensure the Successful Delivery of every Project in your Portfolio

Depending on your organisation's project management maturity, KeyedIn Projects provides a unique mix of features and functionality that ensures your organisation can take a top-down strategic-led approach to project management or a bottom-up execution-led approach. We size and shape the solution to your individual needs through a unique prototyping approach, which utilises best practice templates and built-in configuration tools.

Manage Portfolios

Independent of size or shape, organisations in all fields struggle to maximise the use of their finite resource pool. With KeyedIn Projects selecting and prioritising the right projects is quick and easy. By focusing on your 2 most precious assets - people and money, KeyedIn Projects ensures you have complete visibility of your project portfolio, and projects are aligned with your financial and resource constraints.

Manage Resources

From keeping skills profiles up to date, through to managing resource demand, allocations and capability. KeyedIn Projects provides complete visibility and control over resource usage, capability and utilisation.

Manage Financials

Accurately costing and managing the budget of your projects and programmes is essential to project success. From the simple creation of time, cost, revenue and effort budgets to comprehensive financial forecasting features, KeyedIn Projects facilitates the most basic to the most complex project financial management requirements.

Manage Benefits

Whether financial, unit based, achievement based or tied to a deliverable, KeyedIn Projects provides an effective framework for identifying, planning, measuring and actively managing the benefits associated with your projects and programmes.

Manage Deliverables

By providing real-time visibility into the status of key Project Deliverables. Are they on time? Have they been moved? Who moved them? Why were they moved? With KeyedIn Projects, executive visibility and influence over project delivery has never been simpler.

Manage Projects and Tasks

KeyedIn Projects enables you to increase the consistency of project planning processes, forecast cost and revenue more accurately and analyse and monitor risk more effectively.  As well as speeding up and simplifying these essential project management tasks, KeyedIn Projects also supports knowledge sharing within the project team, enabling more effective collaboration throughout the project lifecycle.

Manage Work

KeyedIn Projects puts all of your Project Team Members in complete control of their individual workload. From quickly updating task status to collabourating on key actions, KeyedIn projects ensures your Project Teams are more empowered, better prepared and can work smarter.

Reporting and Analytics

KeyedIn Projects offers a comprehensive range of reporting and analytics options.  From 100 pre-configured reports, to configurable dashboards - with KeyedIn Projects all Project Stakeholders get the right information, at the right time.


From configurable reports to custom fields and user-defined widgets, KeyedIn Projects provides a complete range of features to help you configure the system to your exact business needs. Our simple persona-based approach helps you reduce complexity and increase user adoption. Watch this short video to see how KeyedIn Projects persona-based approach can help your business.


The KeyedIn Projects Mobile app enables users to access and gather critical project information on the move. From timesheet and expense capture through to viewing daily work commitments, the KeyedIn Project app enables you to enter data when it’s convenient for you, not just when your laptop is connected.

What's New

Keep up to date with the latest features, functionality, and enhancements in KeyedIn Projects.